Hello Internet! 

Hi! So I’d like you (readers? *kroo* *kroo*) to get to know me first lol.

I’m Jodie Azra Albano Jajurie. Eighteen years of age. Born on the 27th of February year of 1997. I currently reside in Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila cause it’s near my University but I’m originally from San Pedro City, Laguna. I’m a second-year college student taking up Business Management at De La Salle University-Manila, I was in the Accountancy program for my first year but I had to shift cause it isn’t for me. I’m an ate to a sixteen yr old girl. Gusto ko po sumali dito kasi pangarap ko po magartista. JOKE LANG lahat ng info binigay? audition ba? haha

Anyway..So I created this blog cause I can’t express all my feelings on Twitter or Facebook cause I think it’ll be too lengthy and people would judge me?!? So this would be like my Journal and stuff haha I usually do this on an actual journal but I’m not able to put pictures and videos there so I describe it with so much detail it’s getting kinda tiring.I don’t think people would read this since no one knows about it but the way I will write my posts is like I’m talking to someone.

so yeah. here goes 🙂


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