A Very Cramer Christmas 2015

On the 10th of December 2015. The Cramer Fam(Team Kramer and Procrastination) as we call ourselves had our christmas gathering. YAY! We had lots of fun even if we weren’t complete, we actually don’t know who’s part and who’s not in our group #wheredoesthecircleend


Had a Karaoke sesh at Red Box, Greenbelt 3. Usual exchange gift and we just sang our hearts out, sad that we only had 3 hrs tho we wished we could extend but it’s hella expensive ha ha

Played at Timezone! haha you can bring out the kid in us in places like this we made 1k+ tickets with PHP 700? haha go fam! but sometimes I don’t feel happy in arcades anymore cause I got so sick of them when I was younger but I’m not KJ so I still played lol

After timezone we made our way to McDo cause we were hungry again lol what’s new?!  Some of us  went around the area, visited Legaspi Park, also another park but there were mostly couples there lol so we just passed through it. We then went back to Greenbelt 1 to call the others who were still in McDo, so we can go to Ayala Triangle Gardens for the Lights Show 🙂

It was my first time seeing the Lights Show, actually it was a first time for most of us 😀 and I’d like to say I couldn’t have spent my first time there with any other group or person 😉  as I said nga to our group

I’m so glad I spent the day with you guys ❤ So thankful to have you as my friends. Hoping to have more galas(roadtrip naman) with you guys! See you all next year *…..*

I’m honestly so grateful for my friends like I dunno if I say it enough to them, they stick with me even if I am like the shittest person. I always bug them in the group chat at least that’s what I feel but I dunno I always feel like I annoy them so much that they are just talking about how bad of a person I am but let’s not turn this into a self-pity sappy post.

Hey we had a really great time! Though we walked all around and our feet and body ached the day after, it was all worth it! I love my friends so much ❤ Sa Friends may Forever even if it is spelled as friENDS 😀

This is the Original 5. It’s been so long since we were complete. This is group I had during LPEP (minus Vange) and I’m so grateful that we are still there for each other despite the busy/different scheds we had.

Snapchat: jodieazra   👻


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