Uneventful Break (so far)

So I’m on the 10th day(started counting after cprobs exam) of my Christmas break and it has been SO UNEVENTFUL. Except for the Christmas Gala I had with my friends of course, but that was the only day I was looking forward to the whole break. Now it’s just like bleh.  I know i should bawi all the sleep I lost during the term i actually am but I’m so afraid of missing anything that I want to make plans with almost everyone. Just days after the Christmas Gala, I already asked them if anyone would like to hangout in town! Like i’m not desperate to get out of the house(i am tho)but I just want to be with friends have a good time. ya know! I’m with them for most of the year but when we’re apart it’s depressing for me since I’m in my own world again yes I’m a super clingy friend. 

Someone is planning to have an alumni get together thing with the team starting 2010 batch i guess, and since everyone is so grown up we all have different plans already it keeps getting pushed nearer to christmas 😦

I also have plans with the Lovelies but like before they already made plans with others so our plans aren’t pushing through 😦 I hope our lunch thing pushes through.

I also promised I’ll start exercising again this break cause I didn’t have PE last term but guess what I wake up at 10am almost everyday and papa gets mad cause we’re not able to go to the gym.

So what am I doing?

  • Took me almost 4 days to finish completely the Cramer blog post
  • I wake up at 10am then stay in front of the TV until 2:30pm cause 😉
  • at night I look for ugly-cry movies so I can cry myself to sleep (tho i end up crying myself to sleep sometimes)

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