It all makes sense now

Dreams they say have secret meanings to it, I’m a believer of that. They also say that these are our thoughts or they are scenarios we want to happen in our life. All the faces that we see in our dreams are faces that we already saw at least once in our life, since our mind can’t make up a face or features of a person.

So what happens when you have a dream but the person you’re with doesn’t register a face that you know?

No I’m not talking about supernatural stuff here. It’s like there is a person but you can’t recognize who is it fully; there are features but no name registers with the face.

I’ve had several dreams where I’m with a certain person, it’s like we’re the last two people on earth. My dreams would be in my perspective of course, so it would be the usual places I would go to, but I’m with that person. It feels as if we’re on a date or something and it would feel so real. When I wake up it feels like I have been to that place holding hands with that person. I never look at him directly but I’ve seen his features, I would always see a silhouette or just his hands or feel the warmth of his embrace.

Is this the universe telling me that I have never had an encounter with The One?
Am I building so many scenarios in my head? Could it be that there is no The One for me hence the faceless man in my dreams? Should I just stop looking for that person?

“So if you’re out there I swear to be good to you. But I’m done looking, for my future someone, Cause when the time is right, you’ll be here but for now Dear No One this is your love song.”


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