Wish List ❤️🎁

So my 19th birthday is coming up (in a month and 5 days?!), my last year as a teenager! I am eyeing on a few things but I’m already on save mode cause I have spent all my christmas money and savings from past years on my addiction(online shopping,sounds so bad online shopping pala). My makeup collection is growing vastly,their mostly on lipsticks though. Since I got myself an Instax for christmas(oh post about christmas to follow) I’ve been spending quite a lot for the film and accessories😄 Anyway here is my list even though none of my family will be able to see this and buy it for me 😕 

  1. IPhone 6s/6s+ in Rose Gold (64GB or 128GB, cause let’s face it who needs a 16GB) So first let’s start with the most expensive one, like I know if work hard enough this term and if I get into the Dean’s List my mom would get me one but idk i think my phone will give up anytime soon? It almost gave up on me last year before a very cramer christmas. 😦
  2. Pandora Bracelet (even if it’s just the bracelet just to get me started?!) So the slogan of pandora is very lovely. Pandora: Unforgettable Moments Basically the charms of a pandora bracelet depends on the person or her experiences and it could be like a story of your life. I saw this particular jewelry in a movie wherein the guy gave the girl a charm to add in her collection for doing great in her performance or something like that? i don’t even know if it was pandora. I’m not even sure if it was a movie or just my dream or imagination or whatnot. I wanted a special person to give this to me but I don’t think that special person would swing by anytime soon.   edit: so i found an online shop which does pre-orders of pandora bracelets and charms from Australia and guess what!! IN AUSTRALIA IT’S HALF THE PRICE this particular bracelet is less than Php 3,500 ugh the value of Products here is so expensive I can’t even deal!!! So i’ll have to wait until march to buy my pandora bracelet and charms oh well!   
  3. Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Medium (either Black,Beige or Grey/Light Grey) I got this bag addiction from my mom. Just recently she got into branded bags and she would just splurge and even ask her friends who would go to other countries to buy for her, cause let’s face it it is slightly cheaper there than here (cause taxes and shit!! blame the fcking corrupt government!!) I’ve been looking for authentic bags online but I can’t buy cause it’s too risky! But just recently I found a shop on Instagram(@nicolettes.ph) which I think is really authentic plus it’s free shipping and buy 1 take 1 ☺️😉😉😉 Or @the_purple_quilt looks good as well many leople have vouched for its authenticity 😺     
  4. Black Leggings and I mean a few (preferably from H&M cause high quality and those are the cheapest leggings i saw with that quality)[i’m a large btw 😉] I used to wear skirts to school almost everyday, i somehow hated wearing pants even if most of my pants are jeggings ang not actual pants pants but I’ve discovered (?) the art o sweatpants and leggings! I like leggings better than the two and I just bought two and I have a hole one already ugh dlsu and their armchairs ðŸ˜œðŸ”«
  5. Lastly, I would like to have a debut-like birthday party So I let my debut pass by just like that just cause I wasn’t prepared and sht! As of the moment, I actually am mentally preparing my sister’s debut(she just turned 16 last year) For my wish though I wouldn’t like it to be so big and bongga i just like that all my friends and family be together and *ehem* *ehem* MOBILE BAR PLS *ehem* *ehem* hahaha yun naman pala
  6. Sounds Live Feels Live Ticket( 5SOS Concert) I was gonna include this but it’s sold out and there is no Day 2 😦

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