I don’t like this feeling 

Wouldn’t it be funny if in the way that you’re pushing me to him and i’m pushing you to her, it’s us who’s supposed to be together?

But that isn’t reality.

Our efforts in looking for someone for each other isn’t equated to our desire to be with each other.
You’re the type of guy who’s friendly with everyone, and i am almost one hundred percent sure that you don’t feel a teeny bit of what i’m feeling towards you.

If you only knew how much those little moments with you mattered to me.

Recently, I would find myself looking for you in a crowd, smiling at myself when i see your name on my phone, you know those cheesy text posts that you see on the internet. I would never think that I would actually relate to those.

I don’t and I never will tell anyone how I feel cause I’m afraid of losing what we have now. I’ve asked for signs on whether or not I should continue with this crush but with the sign not happening, an even bigger event happened. Recalling what has happened in the past week, what i did to counteract everything was i tried to make myself sad so that I don’t act happy when you’re around.

As I write this I’m asking myself has this feeling really grew to the point that I would write about you anonymously?


One thought on “I don’t like this feeling 

  1. i’m feeling the same about a guy. i wouldn’t tell him because i’m to afraid to lose what we have now. but those cheesy texts, yes. whenever i see his name on my phone i smile. i’m looking forward to see him in the mornings and in every cheesy love song i can find him.
    that crush thing is just cruel.

    xo, grey.

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