just remembered 

i just realized that everyone around us knows except for you. Everyone has been giving me signals when we’re near each other since i said i’ve left you in the past. To me there is really nothing anymore. This past week i have been in a constant battle with myself whether or not i should tell you how I felt just cause i feel the need to explain some of my actions.

I need to explain why i cried,spilled the truth and looked for answers for you. When we were caught in a big mess, i chose your side, i said that what happened was ok(i still do even without feelings for you). I don’t know if it was a petty thing to do but you said it yourself “What people do for love 😂” (THO I DON’T THINK IT’S LOVE)

Now when i read articles, i don’t think of you anymore. Yes you’re still at the back of my head trying to creep in but now I can look at you and what was there before isn’t there anymore.<<


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