just remembered 

i just realized that everyone around us knows except for you. Everyone has been giving me signals when we’re near each other since i said i’ve left you in the past.  Continue reading “just remembered “


new year,better me

i know the title is so meh but i hope it’ll come true

It’s now the second day of the year and reality hits me in the face in the form of my parents scolding me cause of my grades from the first term. Life’s hard when you want to make your parents proud but at the same time slacking off is always creeping on you like a leech

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2am thoughts are supposed to be kept at 2am

i admit,i was wrong. 

making you worry worried me even more. i probably prayed more than i have ever last night than I ever did this month.

i once lost your trust already and i suffered a lot. it felt like i was tip toeing everywhere i went.

Lying to you kills me inside,yes it does. But i hate the feeling of being caged all the time. 


I’ve finally found my outlet

Lately, I’ve been so busy with school and org work but I still have my times where I just wanna breakdown and stop everything.

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I don’t like this feeling 

Wouldn’t it be funny if in the way that you’re pushing me to him and i’m pushing you to her, it’s us who’s supposed to be together?

But that isn’t reality. Continue reading “I don’t like this feeling “


I said I wouldn’t cry..

So right now I was supposed to make a post about the BEST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION I’ve ever had but I’m here writing on my phone sitting on the toilet crying to  myself. Why can’t I have even just one day of pure happiness? Continue reading “I said I wouldn’t cry..”