just remembered 

i just realized that everyone around us knows except for you. Everyone has been giving me signals when we’re near each other since i said i’ve left you in the past.  Continue reading “just remembered “


Broken Vow

Tell me her name

I want to know

The way she looks

And where you go

I need to see her face

I need to understand

Why you and I came to an end

This draft was made Christmas Eve as in at 10pm or somewhere close to that time and it was initially made because my crush then posted a picture of him and his possible girl. Possible because I don’t really know what they are and I don’t intend to know anything further (tho i see his snaps with her yea it’s just like that). So our company had it’s Christmas party on the 23rd and incidentally I sang(i have no tone so recited) the song above just to be reminded of it the day after because of this incident. I don’t even know why this needed a blog post but I just wanted it out there 😄

Uneventful Break (so far)

So I’m on the 10th day(started counting after cprobs exam) of my Christmas break and it has been SO UNEVENTFUL. Except for the Christmas Gala I had with my friends of course, but that was the only day I was looking forward to the whole break. Now it’s just like bleh.  I know i should bawi all the sleep I lost during the term i actually am but I’m so afraid of missing anything that I want to make plans with almost everyone. Continue reading “Uneventful Break (so far)”