new year,better me

i know the title is so meh but i hope it’ll come true

It’s now the second day of the year and reality hits me in the face in the form of my parents scolding me cause of my grades from the first term. Life’s hard when you want to make your parents proud but at the same time slacking off is always creeping on you like a leech

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I said I wouldn’t cry..

So right now I was supposed to make a post about the BEST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION I’ve ever had but I’m here writing on my phone sitting on the toilet crying to  myself. Why can’t I have even just one day of pure happiness? Continue reading “I said I wouldn’t cry..”


This time I won’t cry…

The amount of times that the thought of taking my own life has crossed my mind would be too many to count. Continue reading “This time I won’t cry…”


Wish List ❤️🎁

So my 19th birthday is coming up (in a month and 5 days?!), my last year as a teenager! I am eyeing on a few things but I’m already on save mode cause I have spent all my christmas money and savings from past years on my addiction(online shopping,sounds so bad online shopping pala). My makeup collection is growing vastly,their mostly on lipsticks though. Since I got myself an Instax for christmas(oh post about christmas to follow) I’ve been spending quite a lot for the film and accessories😄 Anyway here is my list even though none of my family will be able to see this and buy it for me 😕  Continue reading “Wish List ❤️🎁”


Hello Internet! 

Hi! So I’d like you (readers? *kroo* *kroo*) to get to know me first lol. Continue reading “Hello Internet! “