This time I won’t cry…

The amount of times that the thought of taking my own life has crossed my mind would be too many to count. Continue reading “This time I won’t cry…”


Wish List ❤️🎁

So my 19th birthday is coming up (in a month and 5 days?!), my last year as a teenager! I am eyeing on a few things but I’m already on save mode cause I have spent all my christmas money and savings from past years on my addiction(online shopping,sounds so bad online shopping pala). My makeup collection is growing vastly,their mostly on lipsticks though. Since I got myself an Instax for christmas(oh post about christmas to follow) I’ve been spending quite a lot for the film and accessories😄 Anyway here is my list even though none of my family will be able to see this and buy it for me 😕  Continue reading “Wish List ❤️🎁”

Broken Vow

Tell me her name

I want to know

The way she looks

And where you go

I need to see her face

I need to understand

Why you and I came to an end

This draft was made Christmas Eve as in at 10pm or somewhere close to that time and it was initially made because my crush then posted a picture of him and his possible girl. Possible because I don’t really know what they are and I don’t intend to know anything further (tho i see his snaps with her yea it’s just like that). So our company had it’s Christmas party on the 23rd and incidentally I sang(i have no tone so recited) the song above just to be reminded of it the day after because of this incident. I don’t even know why this needed a blog post but I just wanted it out there 😄

It all makes sense now

Dreams they say have secret meanings to it, I’m a believer of that. They also say that these are our thoughts or they are scenarios we want to happen in our life. All the faces that we see in our dreams are faces that we already saw at least once in our life, since our mind can’t make up a face or features of a person.

So what happens when you have a dream but the person you’re with doesn’t register a face that you know?

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Uneventful Break (so far)

So I’m on the 10th day(started counting after cprobs exam) of my Christmas break and it has been SO UNEVENTFUL. Except for the Christmas Gala I had with my friends of course, but that was the only day I was looking forward to the whole break. Now it’s just like bleh.  I know i should bawi all the sleep I lost during the term i actually am but I’m so afraid of missing anything that I want to make plans with almost everyone. Continue reading “Uneventful Break (so far)”